Transforming Your House To A Smart Home

Most home owners have been making a major shift towards converting their ‘normal’ houses, into ‘smart’ homes. This was once predicted in the past, that in years to come, a lot of homes would take a whole new shape, performing very smart wonders that people of the past never thought would have ever been possible. It’s the year of homely fantasies becoming realities.

The Idea Of A Smart Home

Converting you house into a smart home has almost nothing to do with silicon chips in your pillars or frames, we’re not talking about the ‘Transformers’ where cars can become just about anything, it’s just about buying the perfect yet affordable items that can start making living in your homes much more comfortable.

Many of the items displayed in this post may seem expensive to you, however there are knock offs in various stores that can do the job for just as much time, if properly handled.

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Welcome to the future. Here’s to the smart home enthusiasts:

Let’s kick this off with home cleaning… many of us often get tired with just th thought that we have a soiled house to clean up, but that’s not a problem now.


This iRobot is one mean vacuum cleaner that never gets tired, leave him be and he will continue to clean your house even after you can literally see the stars on your home floor.


This smart bulb will totally displace your speakers, this is an exact example of quality light and sound, an awesome innovation.


This is one beautiful candle that never runs out of flames. It cycles between 1,000 different colour shades to fit the mood of your home, it is also harmless.

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Who says you cannot dance in the pool? this water resistant speaker can sound off as much decibels as you want. talk about getting treated to some real blues while you’re lost in your bath tub.


For art lovers like myself, we can agree that sometimes, one static picture frame on our wall can get boring, even the Monalisa might have us looking away, but with this smart frame you can have another beautiful image displayed just by a simple gesture. that’s smart!


This one’s the Jack of all and master of all! it is a wireless phone charger, a speaker, a clock, a timer, an alarm, and can even take temperature readings. This is good for some big time show-off.

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This one makes your toilet bowl light up in beauty. This is one great way to have your keeps entertained while doing their thing. It can also have your guests amazed.


Forget about trying to get to where he switch is. This motion sensor light turns on once you get 6ft closer to it. It is perfect for energy conservation.

All these items are available, and some are unbelievably cheap. transform your house into a smart home and life just becomes much more easier.


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