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Simple Ideas To Help You Choose The Perfect Bed Frame


Sleeping on a bed is easy, rolling all over your bed feels great, however, having the ideal bed frame that completely complements your home’s interior is the hard part. Did anyone ever tell you that all beds are equal? Believe me, they didn’t tell you everything… it’s true that you can sleep on almost every bed, however, some beds are more equal to the task than others. For those who …

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Small Space Home Solutions | The Living Cube


This is weird, but it’s unique, it’s The Living Cube and it totally makes sense. The concept of the living cube was designed by a German architect and designer, Till Koennker. It is a clever structure which features a complete combination of all those home elements which we often have to stress ourselves out, just to find a space to place them all in, in a very tiny apartment. The …

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7 Professional Living Room Designs With Striped Walls


Stripes are a major trend in Interior designs, one that may never go out of fashion. In most cases, stripes are introduced into an interior space in order to create a visually appealing desire, such as to make a room look wider or higher, this is especially due to their possibility to make an optical illusion of a larger space. A perfect way to bring in fun and a typical modern characterization in a …

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Pictures | Interior Design Ideas: Turn Your Home To A Paradise


What is it they often say? A single picture can say much more than a thousand words thus, we’ll be saying as much as over fifteen thousand words with just a few photos. Attached below are some tremendous interior design ideas that can turn your home into a paradise, these pictures were sourced from different interior design professionals, who have gained quality experience in the interior design career path. Interesting …

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These 7 Mistakes Make Your House Look Smaller

small living room

In most instances, whenever we are faced with a design project, we do not fail to remember that every little inch of a home’s interior counts. However, one difficult practice is the positioning of furniture as an improper arrangement is sure to make the whole setting difficult, especially when you have to consider your home’s space size. A rental service based in Berlin, Wimdu, recently took up the challenge and …

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How To Freshen Up Your Home In 10 Minutes


Everyone sure loves a fresh home, but it’s not easy to have your home stay fresh every day. Sometimes, you may decide to do a little home remodeling over the weekend, then boom! Something else takes up all the time and you’re left to reschedule to another weekend that may never come. Professional interior designers have often noticed that a person’s mood can be altered by the look of their …

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Basic Concepts of Interior Decoration


I was invited to an event recently by a friend and as soon as I took my first step into the hall, all my lips could utter was ‘wow’! To say I was blown away would be an understatement but for lack of a better choice of words I leave it at that. The idea was simple, adherence to the basics of interior decoration. From the chandeliers to the chairs …

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