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8 Easy Rustic King-Size Homemade Wooden Headboard Ideas

Putting a headboard in your bedroom is one ideal way to crate an interesting and cozy focal point which will definitely put up a dramatic interior statement in the bedroom's interior. In most cases, wood headboards are the preferred choice for most persons due to its ability to introduce a rustic and cozy altitude in the bedroom.

Regardless of the shape or feel, a wood patterned headboard can give your bedroom a breakthrough with an interesting visual. Doing a quick research, we found quite a few charming designs. All you need to do is get your carpenter ready as you kick off your headboard project

Check them out below…

Contemporary Wood Headboard

Contemporary Wood Headboard

Image Credit:decoist

​​​​​​​This classy bedroom features an outstanding headboard. The lacquer wood with opulent texture which it is made out of works as a perfect interesting visual effect and decorates the wall in this bedroom.

Crafted Afghan Wood Window Used as  Headboard

Crafted Afghan Wood Window Used as  Headboard

Image Credit:amazing itnerior design

This perfectly crafted wood Afghan window patterned headboard really strikes as a major focal point in this elegant bedroom and thus, makes a unique and authentic statement. The oversize headboard works as a very bold wall decoration and makes an opulent visual effect in the bedroom.

Floor to Ceiling Wood Headboard

Floor to Ceiling Wood Headboard

Image Credit:diy entwrok

The tall wood planks, vibrantly stretching from the floor to ceiling of this interior,  works not just as an accent headboard but also as a wall and ceiling's decor inspiration, this surely boost up the aesthetic appearance of your bedroom.

Natural Wood Headboard

Natural Wood Headboard

Image Credit:good home design

The glamorous natural wood headboard truly strikes through the white wall and works as an awesome focal point in this amazing bedroom.

Oversize wood headboard

Oversize wood headboard

Image Credit:home design lover

This intimidation design features a  bright natural wooden headboard beautifies this interior and brings bright, loose and tranquil vibe in the luxurious and kind of heavy bedroom.

Reclaimed Wood Headboard

Reclaimed Wood Headboard

Image Credit:bhg

Here we have a textured and rustic wood headboard which brings cozy, dramatic and charming visual effect in the shabby chic bedroom.

Simple Dark Wood Headboard

Simple Dark Wood Headboard

Image Credit:messychic

Simplicity is definitely th best sophistication! The dark and beautiful wood headboard stands out perfectly in this amazing cottage inspired bedroom.

Tall Wooden Headboard

Tall Wooden Headboard

Image Credit:houzz

This amazingly tall and over-sized, unfinished wood headboard ignites this bedroom with an amazing focal point and brings natural, charming and lovely vibe in the beautiful interior.

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