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How To Decorate With A Round Rug

Many strive to make the rooms of their house or workspace have a cohesive feel as well as a little splash of creativity. An easy way to do this is with small round area rugs! After my first shopping experience at a nearby home goods store, I discovered round area rugs.

They really are very convenient! This list will give you the top ten ways to decorate with your round area rug. Starting from number 10, use these ideas to get creative!

10. Funky Office Rug

If you are looking for a way to add a little bit of color or personality to your dull office cubicle or workspace, just add one or two of these round area rugs. It will really add effect if placed under your chair, as the chair is usually the middle of your workspace.

9. Spice Up Your Car Ride!

Ever get tired of those boring carpet rugs in your car? Get a smaller round area rug and add a little style to your car! Get a color that will match the interior of your car and really speaks to your character.

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8. Organize the Dining Table

For those big families, smaller round area rugs are perfect to put in your dining room! You can put a small rug under each chair. Each person in the family could have their own color. This would organize your table and stop all the arguments of who sits where!

7. Need to Get In The Garage?

 Just place some round area rugs in certain places of your garage that you go to a lot. It will make you look stylish and also allow you to keep your feet off the cold ground! This is also a good idea for those who spend a lot of time in their garage or who have children who like to play in the garage.

6. Wall Art

Looking for something different to decorate a room with? Get some smaller rugs or one large one and hang it on the wall. This adds a lot of color and design to any room!

5. Pretty Patio

Throwing a party on your patio anytime soon? Round rugs can be placed on your deck to help people feel more comfortable. Also, those who would like to go barefoot will have something besides splintery wood to walk on!

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4. Hallway Rugs

Small round area rugs look absolutely stunning in a hallway. Just buy the same color and add to the aesthetic in your home. Line the round rugs up and enjoy!

3. Welcome!

Round rugs are perfect in a small foyer. They are very stylish and at first glance make others feel very comfortable and less formal.

2. Children’s Rooms

Use round area rugs to place all over your child’s room. Kids will like to leap from rug to rug. They also like that they are small and they can redecorate any time they want!

1. Bathroom Bliss

Many people have trouble finding rugs for their bathroom that actually work! Buy three of these rugs and place on in front of the sink, shower, and toilet. They add a great art appeal to your bathroom but are also very practical.

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