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13 Unbelievable Rag Rug Ideas To Help You Make Your Own Rug


The focal wall of every home is important, it connects with the brain… however, there’s this other accessory in the home that connects with the  soul… it’s the area rug.

Brushing your toes through the pom-poms of an area rug and having your feet feel that warmth is one feeling that is best experienced than described. It is an undeniable fact that an area rug has the power to completely transform an interior space, however, just like every other versatile piece for interior design, rugs come at pretty expensive price tags.

Knowing that we are freaks for DIY projects as they help us to learn more, and become better interior design professionals,  today’s post is completely channeled towards  learning how to make our own area rugs – BY OURSELVES!

This post which is well detailed with pictures, is not completely directed at saving money.  This research was made in order to motivate our ability to be very creative and resourceful, even as we create our own interestingly awesome cheap area rugs, t-shirt rugs, wool area rugs, and other rug types.

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Below are a collection of 13 simple-to-comprehend tutorials, which will guide you in the process of making your own rugs, from rags to exotic pieces. And guess what? The majority of them don’t even require sewing!

DIY Shag Rag Rug

Source: www.myloveofstyle.com

Tutorial: www.myloveofstyle.com

Make this shag rug from scrap fabric. Though it will take you a few days to finish it, it is a straightforward process that doesn’t even require sewing.

Denim Rug from Old Jeans

Tutorial: lauraslittlehousetips.com

Tutorial: lauraslittlehousetips.com

If you have some old jeans that you haven’t thrown away yet, you can make this wonderful rug from the denim fabric.

Crochet Rug from Old T-shirts

Tutorial: www.soyouthinkyourecrafty.com

Tutorial: www.soyouthinkyourecrafty.com

Old t-shirts always stack up and you can put them to good use by making this awesome crochet rug from the fabric.

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