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The PCC ICO promises to be a Valuable investment


The blockchain is beautiful and amazingly its financial rewards know no bounds. The essence and definition of its platform and structure is the bedrock for which storiqa structure has defined its blockchain framework through e-commerce process. The essence and definition of store ownership and business to consumers is relatively the synergy that storiqa provides and thus by its market framework and token provision is built on the functionality of growing and proving the essential usefulness of token coins holders through the decentralized storiqa platform. Thus, the creative nature and pattern storiqa has developed and defined its approach and application is sequentially built on creating functional business for all forms of e-commerce business to grow and thrive. It defines the sequence of crypto-curriencies on the process of modeling a structure for which proper market place analysis is done. Data definition and analysis which aid market process growth is worked on and subsequently predefined for all token store holders on the Storiqa platform. This helps to provide the benefits of been a token holder and also prevents the lack of growth. The Storiqa ICO date will be announced soon but the minimum token will be 1000 Storiqa value based on Ethereum which will allow purchases and payments adequately. The Storiqa platform in the North America is tremendously a welcomed development and token provision created for all small businesses and platform for which it is created. Thus, investors and contributors are advised to visit https://ico.storiqa.com for all informations relating from pre-sale to ICOs and payments etc.This is the wave of benefits the Storiqa defines.
The act of fun and pleasure is mans opium through adult entertainment.it is pornography and life in its clearly shows the essence and love that crave towards the watching of pornography. The PCC ICO project is projected on making the porn industry enjoyable and fun driven with enermous wealth creation for adult entertainment enthusiasts by its decentralized status and stance at the block chain market.The PCC ICO project is created for the fun and entertainment which drives the porn industry. Thus, users are urgently advised to invest as token sales and values are already finished in its pre sale spreading online. This is the platform content PCC navigates on the premise of porn on a world stage. It iis the opium of ecstasy in sex and pleasure. The crave for its adult content in token value will be unimaginative high in stake at exchange rates. This is the foundation that drives PCC ICO project content of Adult movie in the block chain market and stalls. It is an enigma of sexual pleasure coupled with the degree of profit mobility in a high volume. The token sales and ICO dates run concurrently on the premise truce of Between September to October 2017,the porn corn android application in view. Thus, all users on the porncoin are earners in the value supply chain. it is the future of decentralized porn coin token for all. Don’t be left wondering, invest and enjoy the fun and wealth.

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For further information, please visit:
Website: https://pccico.com/
Whitepaper: https://pccico.com/docs/pcc_white_paper.pdf
Investment details: https://pccico.com/invest.html

Authored by: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1013741
Ethereum Address: 0x9AD5a70a6993a8d4D070a4F3b1dd633E720f670F

About E. Emmanuel

Frederick Damasus is an IT Enthusiast and Network Administrator with keen interest for internet and social media marketing. He previously worked as Monitoring and Evaluation/IT Officer for CCDS on USAID/PIND/RTI LEAD Project. Currently he does systems and networking consultation, logo designs, blogs and content promotion.

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