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Home Design with You (and your disabilities) in Mind

With an aging baby boomer generation, home contractors, designers, and experts are seeking ways to build and modify homes to meet this older generation’s needs. However, some people need these modifications before retirement age. There are 40 million Americans currently living with a disability who require home adjustments for greater functionality and mobility. If you or someone you love is a living with a disability, here are three tips to …

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Maintaining a Healthy Septic System

Having a septic system for your home can definitely have its advantages, such as financial and environmental, but there’s also the responsibility of its routine maintenance. A septic system is either functioning properly or it’s not, with no in-between. Which means that your home can’t afford to have a septic tank that’s overflowing, resulting in a costly and messy cleanup. To help maintain the proper functions for your septic system, …

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Basic Components of Roofing: Ventilation And Maintenance Tips


Many components are to be considered before getting the roof done, but generally, there are five basic components of all roof systems that are very important to be considered: Roof covering: shingles, tile, slate or metal and underlayment that protect the sheathing from weather. Sheathing: boards or sheet material that are fastened to roof rafters to cover a house or building. Roof structure: rafters and trusses constructed to support the …

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The 5 Rules You Need for an Amazing Kitchen Renovation

Remodeling your kitchen can seem like a daunting challenge. It isn’t particularly the easiest space to remodel in the house, and there is always the fear that it might end up being very expensive. That said, it doesn’t have to be such a scary experience. We decided to talk to Philip McKinney, an interior designer who’s done some of the best kitchen renovations Brisbane residents have ever seen. We asked …

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3 Beautiful Decor Ideas Inspired By Hawaiian Vacation Rentals

Hawaii is infamous for its emerald greenery, azure seas, and vibrant flowers. It is also known for its natural resources like the koa and milo trees, which you will find in just about every vacation rental on the islands. From the significance of their artistic craftsmanship to the fragrant flowers, it is a scene you will want to bring home with you. If you want to adopt a few of …

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What Makes the Perfect Kitchen Island?


These days, open living space is in high demand—and this trend doesn’t appear to be going away anytime soon. In most open-concept floor plans, the kitchen space opens up to a family room and/or dining area via a large kitchen island or peninsula. Kitchen islands provide a great transition between these separate yet interconnected spaces, but not all islands are created equal. In fact, there are many considerations and factors …

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Worry Less: Get a Home Warranty to Take Care of Home Systems and Appliances

A home warranty offers insurance against any home system or appliance that is covered under the particular plan. This can prove especially useful if you have multiple systems and appliances in your home that need protection. While many folks may opt for extended warranty coverage, this is limited to individual appliances. And, these extended coverage options are typically only available from the retailer or the manufacturer of the appliance. Luckily, …

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Las Vegas Electrician Shares 9 Lighting Décor Ideas That Will Light Up Your Home

Whether you are into old design concepts or new, you probably think of lighting as more functional than artistic. Today’s designers, however, are looking for creative ways to blend function with aesthetics which is why home decorators are finding their innovative creations must-haves. Whether you buy a high-end designer piece or have our 24 hour electrician Las Vegas experts create it, here are nine brilliant electrical décor ideas that will …

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Brighten Up Your Home By Keeping Your Windows Squeaky Clean

Windows have everything to do with how much natural sunlight makes it into your home. You naturally are going to have blinds and/or curtains up to control the amount of sunlight that shines through, too. Window Cleaning is a must, not just for the sunlight, but to allow for a nice view of the outdoors. Windows that are kept clean also last longer and make for better curb appeal. Do …

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15 Easy Ways to Increase Your Home’s Property Value


Growth in the real estate market depends on various factors. Appreciation or increase in value in real estate property occurs due to economic trends, consumer confidence, and household finances. But these factors are abstracts and there is no guaranteed way a homeowner or his realtor can tweak these external aspects to increase the value of a property. If a homeowner is considering selling his home, he or his realtor will …

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5 Renovations to Get Your Home Ready for Summer

You only get to enjoy so many summers in your life, and your home is where you’ll experience most of them. Not all homes are great places to spend the summer, but that’s something that can be fixed with some great renovations. If you want to make your home the perfect place to lounge and enjoy the best weather of the year, here are 5 home renovations you should consider. …

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Sharing a Space – Five Tips for Moving in with a Significant Other


Moving to a new house, apartment or condo can be very stressful. With every move comes planning, coordination, meetings with lawyers and the manual labor of setting up and moving furniture. When you move in with a significant other for the first time, this stress can double, as you are combining two home’s worth of belongings into one and learning to share a space with a significant other for the …

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Water Damage – 5 Things you should do immediately

Water is life, but sometimes it becomes disastrous for the humans and living population when it grows out of control due to specific avoidable or unavoidable reasons. Every one of us should have the necessary knowledge of preventive measures to avoid any such disaster or the steps to be taken a right after any such misfortune. The first thing to come into the mind is to get a water damage …

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9 Must Have Elements That Your Home Needs!

 Designing a home is quite a personal and private affair, after all, everyone has its specific design rules and preferences. Irrespective of what type of home and the interior design of the place, there are some things that everyone homeowner should have. Furnishing the house doesn’t mean just filling the space with non- useful things. So, invest in the pieces that can serve multiple purposes, and can be moved the …

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How To Reduce Construction Cost While Building A House


Figuring out the overall construction cost of a house can be a daunting task because there are just so many hidden charges and extra expenses that you don’t even know about. Especially if it’s the first time that you are building a house of your own then yes, things can get pretty messy for you and in such a situation you need someone to guide you properly. In the beginning …

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