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Home Design with You (and your disabilities) in Mind

With an aging baby boomer generation, home contractors, designers, and experts are seeking ways to build and modify homes to meet this older generation’s needs. However, some people need these modifications before retirement age. There are 40 million Americans currently living with a disability who require home adjustments for greater functionality and mobility. If you or someone you love is a living with a disability, here are three tips to …

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Beautiful Front Door Designs You Should See


Most persons invest a lot of time when it comes to designing their home’s interior. They sit on the couch and look around the room, trying to be sure it looks very pleasing to the eyes, they scan the doors, the curtains and the windows, it looks great! So they relax. But does it really end there? Why do major corporations have very good looking persons at their front desk? …

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8 Chandelier Selection Tips For Best Results


One of the most admired lighting systems in the world is the chandelier. Just like the sound of its name, the chandelier unveils a form of class and luxury to the interiors of any area. Chandeliers can be installed in almost every part of a house, it can give life to the living room, dining room, bedroom, kitchen and in a few special installations, the bathroom.  A chandelier can be …

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Getting A Professional Painter (The Step-By-Step Guide)


Sometimes it’s just way easier to go online, do a little research on painting, get a roller and a bucket of paint, and just roll your way  to the top. Well, sometimes, DIY can be way to go for a very simple painting project. However whenever it’s time to go into a much complicating, large scale painting activity, then it’s time to make the right decision, to go PRO! Getting …

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Free Interior Design Softwares

interior decoration softwares

A lot of persons have always been eager to have a sneak preview of what their homes can be like,  if they finally decide to implement some certain interior design ideas. With these free online virtual tools, just about anyone can plan and design their home with any of these online free interior decoration softwares. Easy To Use Interior Design Softwares We did a thorough research on the net, and …

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Interior Decoration Mistakes To Avoid


From so much pressure surrounding us daily, interior decoration can become a really tough job seeing that it is one job that depends a whole lot on creativity. A knick-knacked brain is hardly creative you will agree, thus, understanding the basics of interior decorating are very essential in order to avoid making simple interior decoration mistakes. Due to the broad nature of interior decorations, it is simple to say that …

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How To Become An Interior Decorator


Everyone loves a good reward especially for a job that they love. Especially one that requires nothing more than the business of creativity, little wonder we have continuously received several messages from our readers, seeking to get the best tips on how to become a professional interior decorator. To becoming an interior decorator is a beautiful career line that a lot of creative persons are subscribing to. There aren’t really …

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Best House Plants With Awesome Scents


After our previous blog post which talked about choosing the right indoor flower was published, we received numerous mails from our readers asking us on the best suggestions on natural flowers that have heavy duty power to have a home refreshed with its natural deodorants. Consequently, we did an in-depth research on indoor plants and came up with some of the best flowers which anyone can grow in their kitchen …

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The One-Point Suspended Floating Beds


The Idea Behind The Foating Bed As revealed by John Huff, the man behind the brainchild of the Floating Beds, “What would the ideal bed look like, feel like, and what benefits would it provide?” this is like trying to go an extra length into making everyone fall in love with their beds. The Suspended Floating Bed Having taken a critical look and thus, considered the power of a rocking motion towards aiding …

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Beautiful Unseen Table Furniture Ideas


Everyone has always believed the structure of a table to be nothing far from its four legs and a flat surface, but as we always say, in the world of interior decoration, there are no limitations to that which can be redesigned, gladly, everything can be redesigned. At our first sighting of these unfamiliar beautiful tables, we were totally lost while trying to work our heads around how exactly anyone …

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Home Decor Accessories That Will Make A Difference


As repeatedly stressed, the smallest things in the right places will always make very great differences in interior decorations. A recent review of the simplistic yet sophisticated display of the artistry of Kostya Kolesov has blown us off in his detail by detail capture and transformation of various iconic landmarks into tiny great home decor accessories to serve as great finishers in home decoration projects. Beautiful Interior Design Accessories These …

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