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Home Design with You (and your disabilities) in Mind

With an aging baby boomer generation, home contractors, designers, and experts are seeking ways to build and modify homes to meet this older generation’s needs. However, some people need these modifications before retirement age. There are 40 million Americans currently living with a disability who require home adjustments for greater functionality and mobility. If you or someone you love is a living with a disability, here are three tips to …

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Nursery Furniture Set: Easy Guide To A Best Buy


The idea or thought of going shopping for nursery furniture set at that moment when you are expecting a baby is a very exciting activity. Knowing that babies are very tender and unable to rescue themselves in the case of a fail, nursery furniture collections should not just be picked up at the nearest store without first carrying out a due diligence. Right from making a decision on the most …

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Furniture Selection: Completing The Puzzle


Earlier, we gave a detailed insight about what to look out for when you go sofa shopping, and choosing between the typical sofa and the sectional sofa. However, we have realized recently through our bbm channel, that a lot of persons are still unsure of how to select a furniture that will add glamour in their homes, over an extended period of time. Going on a furniture shopping trip can …

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5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Wallpapers Over Paints


In basic interior decoration concepts, wallpapers are like the crème de la crème. Home owners often look beyond the expense as they look forward to the extra beauty that wallpapers add to a home. For those who are not sure which way to go, or for those who still wonder if there’s really any difference between a paint and a wallpaper, this post sticks out to you. Wallpapers come in …

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3 Strong Reasons Why You Need A Wall Art


Earlier on, we had highlighted the basic reasons why no one should underrate the beauty of picture frames in interior decorations, but wall art doesn’t end there, it goes way deeper than just being applied after the paints on the walls are totally dried up. Just as we made it clear that interior design lovers should quit looking down on picture frames, this post is also an eye opener which should help …

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4 Easy Kitchen Lighting Options

Have you ever considered turning on some heat in your kitchen’s style with some beautiful kitchen lighting fixtures but just couldn’t get it right on what exactly was missing after doing a whole turn around on your kitchen lighting fixtures?  Considering some elegant pot rack pendulum chandeliers to easy and flexible track lighting, this post is out to give you the best tips to help you address your kitchen lighting …

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How To Choose The Best Interior Design School In Nigeria


Choosing a career in interior decoration is one great decision anyone can make, especially in a year like this when interior decoration professionals are gaining more recognition, picking up juicy jobs and raking in very large sums with just a single project. We received lots of feedbacks in our mail after our post on how to be an interior decorator went viral, many of our readers especially from Nigeria wrote …

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5 Simple Bathroom Decoration Ideas

bathroom-decoration-ideas (2)

A lot of persons have been adopting a neutral shade for their bathrooms, why’s that? Actually there’s nothing really wrong with that, but that doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with adding colors and making your bathroom look radiant, However, you should be careful! Especially for the males, too many colors might just make your bathroom look feminine. Whatever the case may be, there are various options you can follow, to …

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Spice Up Your Home’s Interior With Stripes


A lot of ladies understand the authority that stripes can command especially in the fashion world. Extra large and bold stripes or even the slim and almost faded ones, one thing is sure, the eyes will always follow the lines, with hunger for a pleasing end. In simpler terms, stripes are alluring. Why A Stripe Design Will Make Your Home Beautiful Professional decorators understand that stripes are beautiful, and just …

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10 Cheap Redecorating Ideas For Apartments


Giving your home a new look does not mean you need to break your bank. As a matter of fact, lifting the interior of your home should not always be one big major project that leaves you with a beautiful home, yet bankrupt at the end. This post looks at 10 cheap redecorating ideas for apartments without running into debts or running down your savings. How To Redecorate Your Home Without …

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