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Ceiling Repair and Water Damage: Here’s What You Should Do

A drip from the ceiling above is a clue that water has somehow invaded the home and in the process of causes damage. Take the following actions to take quickly get this stopped and fixed correctly. Investigate the Source of the Leak The two leading causes of ceiling water damage are roofing and upstairs plumbing leaks. It is not hard to spot ceiling damage. The least of it will show …

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Picking The Right Bed For Your Children’s Rooms


Children are the joy of every home, that is why a home without a kid can sometimes look so desolate. Long faces, sadness and frustrations written invisibly on the walls, but with the presence of kids, there is chaos, albeit, an appreciated one. Over the years, a whole lot of clients whom I have worked with seem to prioritize the kids rooms, as a matter of fact, they want the …

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Transforming Your House To A Smart Home


Most home owners have been making a major shift towards converting their ‘normal’ houses, into ‘smart’ homes. This was once predicted in the past, that in years to come, a lot of homes would take a whole new shape, performing very smart wonders that people of the past never thought would have ever been possible. It’s the year of homely fantasies becoming realities. The Idea Of A Smart Home Converting …

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5 Simple Ideas For A One Bedroom Apartment + Workdesk

one bedroom apartment

Sometimes, all we really need is a quiet place where we hope to get lost in our deepest thoughts. For some others, it is a place where they can study or even work (for those that work from home) with little or zero distraction. As decorators will always tell, comfort and concentration are birds of a feather, it’s hard for anyone to be fully concentrated, especially if they are not …

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Choosing The Right Sectional Sofa


The concept of interior decoration defies almost every principle, that’s the exact reason why planning and space management with a sectional sofa is an essential tool in the world of interior decoration. A whole lot of persons have fallen in love with the sectional sofa, but like the biblical Moses, they just were unable to lay their hands on it, why? Because they think their homes are too small. A Sectional …

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How To Buy The Best Sofa


Have you ever looked to buy a really great sofa? Or you previously got one you hoped would be all great, but at the end, you got disappointed because it didn’t last? Looking out to get a new sofa can be an interesting adventure, the new feel and its presumable elegant color is one that completes the finishing in home decoration. But then, what exactly should you know in your …

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Extra Home Decoration Tips


Choosing the style of your interior decors is like choosing a wife whom you will probably live with for the rest of your life.  Your interior decors could be quite tedious given the varieties and options out there.  After getting several mails and calls to write more about home decorations, I decided to add a few or more useful home decoration tips for our loyal readers. COLOURS AND PAINTINGS Colours add …

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Interior Decoration: The Battle Between Blue And Pink


There is no doubt that the beauty of every house is the way it looks on the inside. There’s this inner joy you feel when people complement your furniture or a picture or the general aesthetics of your living room, it’s almost similar to the way a lady feels when a complement is made on her looks. Colours are an intrinsic and essential factor in designing the interior of your …

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How To Choose The Right Curtains


Knowing  well even before you consult any decorator, Curtains define a room especially when you make the right choice. If you are very much concerned about beautifying your windows, then you do not solely consider the color, the fabrics are also as important as the lining, the decisions to be made are a lot, it’s not as easy as just buying a new and beautiful curtains. Having done an in-depth …

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10 Beautiful Shakers That Can Make Your Tables Glow


Let’s talk about our dining tables; can we admit that those salt and pepper shakers are very much useful on those tables? Yeah! That’s why we can hardly take them off… for some other persons, sugar and milk are further made to join the list of ‘necessities’  on that belly-filling table of the royals. But come to think about it, as one who is interested in style and designs, what …

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5 Cheap Centerpieces That Will Make A Difference


No matter how expensive your table is, the truth is simple, without a centerpiece, your tableware is totally incomplete without one of these simple and cheap vessels that can turn the whole look around. These simple add-ons which range from fruit bowls, snack bowls, table layers, and even bread baskets have their own unique way of adding a total new look  to your table, some of them are even the …

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