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drug lord home

Celebrity Feature: The VIP Jail Of A Brazilian Drug Lord Behind Bars

This week’s feature on our celebrity homes column is rather strange, it doesn’t really feature a well know celebrity, however, it’s more than meets the eyes. Jarvis Chimenes Pavao, considered one of South America’s most dangerous drug traffickers, had been serving an eight-year sentence for money laundering at the Tacumbu prison in the Paraguayan capital, Asuncion. But little did anyone on the outside know what kind of lifestyle that really …

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As You Lay Your Bed… So Does Your Bedroom Look


Having your beddings cover every part of your foam may seem ideal, but really, that’s not all about laying your bed. As widely observed, a lot of persons don’t know much better than spreading out their bed’s cover cloth, placing the pillows strategically, and puff! It’s over. Hopefully, at the end of this post, you should be much more inspired in order to make your bed to become as beautiful …

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How To Light Up Your Wardrobe For Proper Lumination


Many home owners have subconsciously grown into the habit of visiting their wardrobe with a flashlight just to pick up a tie which will be the best fit for the shirt they hope to wear to work, this is has almost become a norm in every home, however, it doesn’t make it right, it’s an interior design taboo. Earlier on, I published a post about how to turn your house …

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How To Select The Right Dining Table

Dining tables come in various designs and styles, but it’s not just all about fashion, looks or beauty, most of these dining tables are designed in various shapes in order to fit your home’s dining space as best as possible. It is essential that your dining table be a perfect fit for the number of diners who would gather around to break bread and have a great meal together, however, …

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How To Freshen Up Your Home In 10 Minutes


Everyone sure loves a fresh home, but it’s not easy to have your home stay fresh every day. Sometimes, you may decide to do a little home remodeling over the weekend, then boom! Something else takes up all the time and you’re left to reschedule to another weekend that may never come. Professional interior designers have often noticed that a person’s mood can be altered by the look of their …

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5 Steps To A Peaceful Bedroom Design


The bedroom has a simple purpose, a place of rest, your sanctuary, your respite. The bedroom is that one place where you can have yourself totally shut out from the rest of the world, especially if there is a reason to. It’s quite shocking that a number of persons have their bedrooms decorated like it’s a place for chit-chats and executive meetings, it shouldn’t be so. Everyone deserves to sleep …

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Nursery Furniture Set: Easy Guide To A Best Buy


The idea or thought of going shopping for nursery furniture set at that moment when you are expecting a baby is a very exciting activity. Knowing that babies are very tender and unable to rescue themselves in the case of a fail, nursery furniture collections should not just be picked up at the nearest store without first carrying out a due diligence. Right from making a decision on the most …

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Furniture Selection: Completing The Puzzle


Earlier, we gave a detailed insight about what to look out for when you go sofa shopping, and choosing between the typical sofa and the sectional sofa. However, we have realized recently through our bbm channel, that a lot of persons are still unsure of how to select a furniture that will add glamour in their homes, over an extended period of time. Going on a furniture shopping trip can …

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5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Wallpapers Over Paints


In basic interior decoration concepts, wallpapers are like the crème de la crème. Home owners often look beyond the expense as they look forward to the extra beauty that wallpapers add to a home. For those who are not sure which way to go, or for those who still wonder if there’s really any difference between a paint and a wallpaper, this post sticks out to you. Wallpapers come in …

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3 Strong Reasons Why You Need A Wall Art


Earlier on, we had highlighted the basic reasons why no one should underrate the beauty of picture frames in interior decorations, but wall art doesn’t end there, it goes way deeper than just being applied after the paints on the walls are totally dried up. Just as we made it clear that interior design lovers should quit looking down on picture frames, this post is also an eye opener which should help …

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4 Easy Kitchen Lighting Options

Have you ever considered turning on some heat in your kitchen’s style with some beautiful kitchen lighting fixtures but just couldn’t get it right on what exactly was missing after doing a whole turn around on your kitchen lighting fixtures?  Considering some elegant pot rack pendulum chandeliers to easy and flexible track lighting, this post is out to give you the best tips to help you address your kitchen lighting …

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