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Interior Pictures Of The White House: The New Trump Tower

Pictures Of The White House – Donald Trump’s New Trump Tower

Many hands go up when asked if anyone knows what the white house looks like, we can all tell it’s a beautiful white structure with a fountain at the front – but then… what else? The beauty f the white house goes beyond just staring at the front door, there’s more to the interior design than can be imagined. This post will take you on a picture tour on what the interior designs and architectural pieces in America’s White House look like.

Without any doubt, the most public of all private residences in the world is the White House. The home of the United States President and family, the White House remains the most private and secure home in the world because of its need to protect the leader of the US. Built in 1792, it has been the home to the leader of the free world and has housed countless events and guests in its ornate halls and rooms.

Because of current events, all tours of the West Wing have been stopped for the sake of safety and privacy. This makes the following 20 photos, some of the rarest from the White House.

Enough of the taking, let’s take a photo dive in!


The front door of the White House which is the official entry point for the President and guests.


The Jaqueline Kennedy Garden.


An Outdoor Swimming Pool at the White House

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