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4 Shopping Rules For Buying A New Doormat

There are hundreds of different doormats out there. When you start looking it could feel overwhelming and you might decide to go with the least expensive, basic doormat, because you aren’t sure what to look for.

As recently listed on Ezine, here are a few tips of things to consider that will make it easier to look for a doormat that will work in your home that you can be happy with:

Consider The Size Of The Doormat

It might seem like a one size fits all, but that isn’t the case. You will want to consider your entry and what size it is. There are different sizes available and you will want a nice balance of your flooring and your doormat.

Look Out For The Features, Not Just Cheap Doormats

Sometimes it is worth looking into features and how a doormat is made instead of just buying the least expensive. If you purchase the right type of doormat it can last you a long time and will not only provide the purpose of a doormat, but will had warmth to your home. Sometimes cheaper doormats are exactly that, cheap and won’t last long.

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Get A Stain And Mold Resistant Doormat

Since a doormat is for wiping your feet off and traffic you will want to look for a doormat that is stain and mold resistant. It is also nice to find a doormat that has a finished edge so it doesn’t come undone or fray on the edges. It does present a welcome to my home feel since it is in the entry.

Friction And The Inability For The Doormat To Slide

There are doormats that won’t slide and provides safety as someone walks over it. You also want to be careful on the other side of things. You want to make sure that the bottom of the doormat isn’t so rough that it damages your flooring. There is a good balance. With these few tips hopefully you will find the doormat that best fits your home.

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