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The Change Bank Creativity ICO

Once you know what makes you happy, you can write a crypto-amount next to it with an Initial Coin offer.

A Change-Bank Initial Coin offering is an offering birthed by the Change-Bank. Change-Bank is a conception that was born out of financial technology, dynamic from the norm. http://change-bank.com introduces her borderless financial strategies. Change-Bank is a financial technology company that utilizes progressive technology and a lean & mean team to supply a much better, quicker and cheaper service. This isn’t a forecast, but a financial institution that has come to stay. They specialize in nailing one specific service, be it transfers (Transfer wise), payments (Stripe), finance (Smartly) or insurance (Oscar). They have a clear goal and don’t get distracted — resulting in millions of happy customers and general evolvement of the industry. So, the Change-Bank introduces her Initial Coin Offering (ICO) offering another digital money (crypto-currency) or token made by an organization to its most punctual adopters, in return for subsidizing for facilitate improvement. It is a refined and fair approach to raise reserves, where each speculator ( huge or little ) can take an interest.

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To what extent does the market prefer the “dogmatism” of classic Bitcoin to the discretion of private management? Cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin and Ethereum, are a form of digital currency that’s used to pay for a variety of goods and services. Its primary form is that of data, so it’s used mostly in peer-to-peer online transactions. The change-bank is here to help all customers/investors have a secure financial base investments and transactions with her high technological financial approach.
It’s a vast and solid network with the most promising Fin-Tech companies worldwide, consistently outperforming banks’ results. We have Fin-Techs in the robust advisory space, peer-to-peer loans, real estate crowd investment, equity crowdfunding, and many more to come via our open API.

For more details please visit:

website: http://change-bank.com

Authored by : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1013741

Ethereum Address: 0x9AD5a70a6993a8d4D070a4F3b1dd633E720f670F

About E. Emmanuel

Frederick Damasus is an IT Enthusiast and Network Administrator with keen interest for internet and social media marketing. He previously worked as Monitoring and Evaluation/IT Officer for CCDS on USAID/PIND/RTI LEAD Project. Currently he does systems and networking consultation, logo designs, blogs and content promotion.

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