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I. D. Tips

Here’s where you’ll be advised on what to do. We’ll be having a series of discussions and dishing out frequent tips on how to effectively beautify your space.

How to Recreate The Coziest Scandinavian Cave in Your Home


With the increasing popularity of Scandinavian design since the monumental rise of Ikea and ‘hygge’ tumblr tags, we all want a piece of this trending sleek design. With its heart at simplicity and functionality, it aims to bring the family together and create a calm and cosy environment using clean textures and practical designs. While we all love a good trip to Ikea how can you instil the Scandinavian lifestyle …

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5 Tips To Make Your Home Feel More Mature

For most of us living in the city, the luxury of a large living space or a lot of free time is extremely rare. That’s why our home decor is usually placed on the back burner for that weekend in the future. It is one of of the many areas of improvement in our lives that bares the brunt of our jam-packed schedules. However, it is one of the easiest …

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4 Safes Your Home Needs

Protecting your family, your home, and your possessions is probably one of the most important (if not the most overwhelming) challenges you face. No one can entirely control whether or not an intruder makes it inside your home, but you can indeed have things set up in your house to make it as difficult for them as possible. Over time, more and more distinct safes have been designed and created …

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4 Budget-Friendly Ways to Transform Your Kitchen

When it comes to giving new life to any part of the house, your mind gets flooded with so many ideas that you don’t know where to start. That is until you think about how much you want to spend. Most people would have to agree that how nice they want their homes to look largely depends on their budget. Your kitchen, for instance, is one of the most important …

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Making the Most of Color Trends

Whether you’re trying to keep your home trendy or put your business’s best interior design foot forward, color means everything. Color sets the mood for a room, and it can instantly make or break a first impression based on how well or poorly the color palette works for that space. The trickiest part is that the effectiveness of a color palette depends heavily on rapidly changing design trends – and …

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The 5 Rules You Need for an Amazing Kitchen Renovation

Remodeling your kitchen can seem like a daunting challenge. It isn’t particularly the easiest space to remodel in the house, and there is always the fear that it might end up being very expensive. That said, it doesn’t have to be such a scary experience. We decided to talk to Philip McKinney, an interior designer who’s done some of the best kitchen renovations Brisbane residents have ever seen. We asked …

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Las Vegas Electrician Shares 9 Lighting Décor Ideas That Will Light Up Your Home

Whether you are into old design concepts or new, you probably think of lighting as more functional than artistic. Today’s designers, however, are looking for creative ways to blend function with aesthetics which is why home decorators are finding their innovative creations must-haves. Whether you buy a high-end designer piece or have our 24 hour electrician Las Vegas experts create it, here are nine brilliant electrical décor ideas that will …

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