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I. D. Tips

Here’s where you’ll be advised on what to do. We’ll be having a series of discussions and dishing out frequent tips on how to effectively beautify your space.

The Many Advantages Of Overseeding Your Lawns

Overseeding helps in ensuring healthy growth of lawns

How would like to have your lawns? They should be lush green so that anyone can slide through without getting a scratch. This is how they maintain the football and cricket grounds all over the world. These lawns are full without any bare areas. How do they manage to have such healthy grass? Overseeding is one way to healthy, lush green lawns. Why should you overseed the lawn? Lawns can …

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Preventing mould is easy with these 3 steps

Mould is a part of nature.  It’s everywhere in the environment we live in and forms an integral part of the decaying process.  And although it’s a natural phenomenon, it’s not one we want occurring inside our homes. In fact, mould inside your home can be very dangerous.  It’s a common trigger for allergic reactions including asthma, and if you don’t remove it, it could have severe implications on your health, not …

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How to Improve Indoor Air Quality at Home


The best way to get the air ducts cleaning and improve the air quality is simple: All components of the HVAC system should be clean for a more effective result. What will happen, is that the entire system will get contaminated again, which is what we want to avoid. When you want a thorough cleaning, you do not clean only ¼ of the actual thing, you clean the entire thing! …

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5 Ways to Improve the Air Quality at Home


Having a fresh air to breathe is becoming a rarity. In Asia, people are getting sick every day and we have no one else to thank but pollution. There is a constant battle with poisonous gases which have made the continent an abode for bad air, allergies and other respiratory problems. In the west, the air does not seem to be much of an issue, but in the near future, …

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What You Need to Know About Bathroom Remodeling

If you cannot stand the appearance of your mundane looking bathroom, or you are bored of its timeworn features, then it is about time you considered a bathroom renovation. Remodeling a bathroom, however, is not a small undertaking. Whether you want a complete makeover or just to update a few fixtures, it is prudent to know what the exercise entails. Otherwise, the facelift might end up being a nightmarish costly …

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6 Home Décor tips to Help Reduce Stress

We’ve all heard the facts and statistics that accompany the effects of stress on the human body—from hair loss to weight gain to much more serious and life-threatening issues—we can agree that the more we can do to help relieve the stresses of life, the better.  That being said, our homes are our safe havens, the place we go to breathe easy and unwind.  There are many things that we …

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Best Place to Be: How to Make Your House a Home


Having a roof over your head is a top priority but many us want our house to be a home and a place where everyone wants to be. Turning your house into a comfortable family home is about doing a number of things to the property and adding the sort of finishing touches that put your personal stamp on the place. Here are some tips on the sort of things …

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