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The blocklancers is coded the free lancers blockchain network. It is so definitive in its structure and platform making it unique as a distributed autonomous job market paradigm using the Ethereum platform for finding vacancies and getting jobs done. This enhances and makes freelancing flexible in a new height. This means that as a freelancer on thehttps://blocklancer.net platform, it will aid you to build your reputation and you will be contacted by customers based on your experience and expertise, which drives the simplicity of our platform even without the knowledge of what blockchain is or defines ultimately.

Furthermore, it is remarkably easy when job are created and done by waiting freelancers on contract or offers directly. This is uniquely the problemhttps://blocklancer.net solves as it help to solve all the problems associated with all current freelancer platforms. Subsequently from proven research done by the https://blocklancer.net team shows that uses of guaranteed payment has been a re-current challenge in dealing with blockchian tokens and coin. Thus, on the https://blocklancer.net framework, the issues has been resolved through a 100% satisfaction only when a job is adequately and uniquely done or a certain phase has been completed by the freelancer before payment are done. Concurrently this implies that any form of dispute is resolved by the token holders through a decision of satisfaction. Thus, resulting never again that such an incident or encounter is experienced, leading to biased authority or an unfair loss of money. This also, helps to regulate the prospects of dealings in all forms of transactions and contracts by customers and freelancers. Furthermore the compelling issues of loss and trustworthiness is affected thereby leading to the https://blocklancer.netplatform in creating a balance in blockchain. The balance and trustworthiness as earlier stated by the block lancer team through its platform categorically defines a fair and automated settling of dispute between customers and freelancing agents. This is done through a resolve and settling of dispute of dependence through one authority. This aids a discussion fueled by the community of token holders in the community. The decision is subject to resolve all articulations by all token holders and proper vetting, assessment and investigation carried out before a unanimous decision is reached. Furthermore, the thousands of token holders are given enough time and room for debating, pondering and variability in guaranteeing a fair decision that affects the freelancer and customers amicably in such matters of dispute.

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Https://blocklancer.net defines a pattern of low fees exclusively at a 3% rate per job, however in most cases and circumstances, the flexibility through the platform enhances lower ratings for jobs which aid a lucrative avenue and medium through which one can earn money in a realistic and reliable way. Freelancers on a low fee scale has removed the constraint on giving-out jobs based on cost. It deals with the cost variation of lower cost with quality, reliable and dependable delivery in specified time frame when the contraction was made. This helps in check –mating prompt payments, deliveries and resolution of payments as the case maybe. This also allows token holders earn fees transactions and job contracts using thehttps://blocklancer.net platform. The essence of this to encourage rewards for investment and investing through the platform, remarkably, guaranteed payment, fair and automated settling of disputes and low fees dealing with the token holders earnings fees.
Conclusively, the element of definite growth, stable, scalability and reliability on the blockchain platform is considerably, the sequence of no censorship required. This means that the effect of blockchain job offers cannot be noticed and easily detected despite the prevailing circumstance. The political correctness and rightfulness and any sentiments through personal feeling yields and contributed no-more through the freelancer paradigm because of the incorruptible blockchain structure and nature. It defines the essence of flexibility in income generation and balance.

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Authored by bitcointalk username: jerrison

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Frederick Damasus is an IT Enthusiast and Network Administrator with keen interest for internet and social media marketing. He previously worked as Monitoring and Evaluation/IT Officer for CCDS on USAID/PIND/RTI LEAD Project. Currently he does systems and networking consultation, logo designs, blogs and content promotion.

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