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Beautiful Unseen Table Furniture Ideas

Everyone has always believed the structure of a table to be nothing far from its four legs and a flat surface, but as we always say, in the world of interior decoration, there are no limitations to that which can be redesigned, gladly, everything can be redesigned. At our first sighting of these unfamiliar beautiful tables, we were totally lost while trying to work our heads around how exactly anyone would come up with such frisky designs which finally turned out to be awesome.

Unique Table Furniture Ideas

These aren’t the type of ideas that are born out of the ordinary basic need for a table in a home, far from it, they definitely are the handiwork of design perfectionists, so awesome that we decided to show it off to our readers.

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Displayed below are some very rare and beautiful table designs that have been placed on the market, their stylishness counts for something, yet their strangeness guarantees that you’ll be the first amongst your peers to have them.

Check out this beautiful walking table that was designed by Wouter Scheubin, far from just a name, the table has the ability to walk by itself when it is triggered, who would have thought  there could be so many mechanics beneath just a flat surface?



Join two pieces of the jig saw puzzle to make this into a table.

The best table for game freaks


The levitating cubic table



This diamond table stands gallantly on it’s tip, defying gravity

Beautifu curved table with rotateable drawers


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This adjustable picnic table will be perfect for homes with persons of different heights.

Ever heard someone say ‘a beautiful table for two’? now you’ve seen it for yourself

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