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Tips For Being A Successful Manager Of An Apartment Complex

Being any type of property manager is a big responsibility. This is especially true when you are managing a large amount of properties such as an apartment complex. You need to be someone that possesses many different skill sets in order to be a successful manager. While the list of things necessary to be the best manager you can is a long one, below are a few top tips for being a better manager.


Know Your Properties Well

One of the best tips for being a successful apartment manager or property manager is knowing what is going on both inside and outside of all of the rentals. Knowing your rentals and as much information about the property in general will help with questions from current and future renters. It can also show that you are really involved in the community and take your job seriously.





While you may just be the property manager, you have to keep in mind that the properties you manage are people’s homes. They will want to feel like you are dependable when they need you and available for questions and help. Always be vigilant in answering calls and e-mails from tenants in a timely manner. They will respect you more and have more respect for the property.

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Take Care Of Properties

Another way to show you are a good manager is by taking care of the apartments and the grounds. Make sure all maintenance requests are handled in a timely fashion and that all grass is kept up and mowed. If you have a playground or basketball court, ensure that it is in good condition for the residents to enjoy. Also, if there are any lakes on the premises, ensure they stay nice and clean for everyone to enjoy as well. You can hire the help of a reputable company like www.lakedoctors.com to install some pond aerators and fountains in the lake to keep it looking nice and clean.


While managing an apartment complex is hard work, it can be easier when you are diligent about keeping up with everything. The true key to success is making sure your tenants are happy.

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