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Is AidRevenue.com A Scam Referral Website?

I know that times are hard and we have all been looking for ways through which we can make a couple of bucks, but that doesn't mean it's wise to spend money on Internet bandwidth towards a futile mission.

Recently, i stumbled on a link from a friend, telling me to signup for aidrevenue.com's referral program and start making money, it was too good to be true.

Remember that saying, if it smells like fish, tastes like fish, swims like fish, and looks like fish, THEN IT'S FISH!

I took a little investigative dive into AIDREVENUE.COM, and here are the things that did't seem right.

1. Firstly, They Haven't Paid Anybody at all! That's the number one reason, i found this on the site

Really? 5 million US dollars for reviews? Yes, it is possible but i don't think so.

2. Website Age- According to the Information which is publicly available at the bottom of the site

But, that's not true. AIDRevenue is only about a month old!
How did i know?
there is a tool for checking the domain age of websites.
i.e when the domain was registered and i ran a test for AIDRevenue
You can Check: Domain Age Checker – Domain age tool to check Domain age of a website.
That's proof that the domain was registered only on 19 September, 2016!
That alone should tell you that they are fraudsters.
Remember they claim to be what? 12 years old!

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3. 3rd reason why AIDrevenue is scam- Alexa Rank Proof!

Alexa.com ranks website according to the traffic they receive.
After running a scan through Alexa, i realized that the website is not popular at all!
Aidrevenue is currently ranking about 1,400,000+ and this is crazy.

For a website like theirs, they should be ranking at least 50,000+
you can check for yourself: Aidrevenue.com Traffic, Demographics and Competitors – Alexa

Now that you know, It's up to you…

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  1. I have complete $100 on 10th September 2016 but still not get money. 🙁

    • a lot of persons have complained thesame. The ease of making cash should have been a red flag. money doesnt come that easy i guess.

  2. The person who linked me has completed a survey but has not got the money? what is going on?

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