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5 Simple Ideas For A One Bedroom Apartment + Workdesk

Sometimes, all we really need is a quiet place where we hope to get lost in our deepest thoughts. For some others, it is a place where they can study or even work (for those that work from home) with little or zero distraction. As decorators will always tell, comfort and concentration are birds of a feather, it’s hard for anyone to be fully concentrated, especially if they are not comfortable, thus, the need of having out ‘private-time’ environment properly equipped to function as best as possible with the least possible distractions, even on the walls! Sometimes all we need is a one bedroom apartment.

Interior Design Plans For One-Bedroom Apartments

This post takes a dive into five different one bedroom apartments with optimum workspaces which are very much guaranteed to aid maximum concentration. This will be very much beneficial to those who may be looking out for a new apartment, or those who already have one, but are unable to work around the little space they have.

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Apartment 1


This is a very spacious one bedroom apartment with its living room and dining room combined. It also has one executive home office.

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 Visualizer: Helen Baranova

Nested tables are the number one table ideas for space management

Apartment 2

This warm apartment has only a minimal design style, yet it looks so sophisticated. wood tones always create the ‘home’ impression




This one has the possibility for the office owner to host visitors considering the seating arrangement.


The bedroom is as simple as possible, you’re either asleep or watching Tv, there’s almost zero distractions

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Apartment 3


Visualizer: Helen Baranova

This home looks traditional and simple, but dont get it twisted! It’s more than meets the eyes


simple is sleek… observe the furniture

Apartment 4


Architect: Wladimir Sapyan  Designer: Archiplastica

This is the best example of space management and warm colours


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Apartment 5


Visualizer: KB 8 Architectural Studio

This final example transforms a very little one bedroom apartment to one where you can freely run around without anything getting in your way



check out the view… it is bliss!

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