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Important Reasons Why House Maintenance is Crucial

Is Home Maintenance Really Important? As a homeowner, it can be easy to overlook minor repairs or routine maintenance, especially when you are short on time and money. But over time, these problems can cause the building to deteriorate. Your home is one of your most valuable assets and it’s not worth putting off repairs and routine maintenance. When these issues are left unresolved, it can cost you a lot …

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Small Space Home Solutions | The Living Cube


This is weird, but it’s unique, it’s The Living Cube and it totally makes sense. The concept of the living cube was designed by a German architect and designer, Till Koennker. It is a clever structure which features a complete combination of all those home elements which we often have to stress ourselves out, just to find a space to place them all in, in a very tiny apartment. The …

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Professional Interior Design Ideas For College Students’ Rooms


This post gives a detailed guide with easy tips on professional interior design ideas for students rooms. So you’re on to a new academic session in school, and you’ve probably just gotten a new apartment. But although your room on campus is pretty small and private, you are hoping to make the best use out of every inch, to make it as comfortable as possible because you will be spending …

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10 Simplistic Pictures Of Interior Design Ideas For Small Spaces


As has been noticed, rented apartments seem to be getting smaller and smaller. House owners seem to be building very small homes in order to make the best possible profit out of their tiny available land space. For those of our readers who find themselves in such a fix, where they are left with no option than to improvise, sometimes it's hard to deal with the thought of what to …

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Updated! Simple Ideas For Repainting Your Kitchen Cabinets


Do you know? Your kitchen can take a totally new look with a massive difference with just the application of some very simple cabinet renovations. Some of such renovations include repainting the doors, changing a few broken hands and replacing the lost ones. These few tips can totally refresh the engine room of your home without the need to break the bank for a totally new design. This post will …

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Celebrity Homes! Neymar’s Coughing Out N2,026,743 Per Night For This Crib

24 Year old Brazilian footballer who plays for th Spanish club side, Barcelona, Neymar,  is currently catching some fun in the United states. Our investigations revealed that Neymar pays a whooping £7000 per night at the Beverly Hills mansion where he's catching all the fun. While at it, he's been balling with other celebrities like Michael Jordan, Lewis Hamilton, and Justin Bieber. The very expensive furnished-to-taste villa has seven bedrooms, and it's …

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Pro Tips! How To Make A Cheap Flower Look Good And Expensive


A couple of times, it looks very much like we do not really see clearly while purchasing a flower. Yeah! Flowers are beautiful, this is likely the reason why we get carried away whenever we go flower shopping. How To Make A Flower Look Good Far from that, this post will be giving hope to those who think that they do not have the much needed cash to purchase expensive …

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Must See! Numerous Creative Bookshelf Design Ideas For Small Rooms


Let's take a look at a few fantastic bookshelves. Bookshelves are an ideal way to utilize your home's space by keeping your books in an organized layout, furthermore, it can be used to crate an interesting wall view in order to boost a home's interior. In very random  cases, bookshelves are designed to take up the traditional look, that straight triangular look you often see in almost every living room, right …

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7 Professional Living Room Designs With Striped Walls


Stripes are a major trend in Interior designs, one that may never go out of fashion. In most cases, stripes are introduced into an interior space in order to create a visually appealing desire, such as to make a room look wider or higher, this is especially due to their possibility to make an optical illusion of a larger space. A perfect way to bring in fun and a typical modern characterization in a …

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8 Amazing Wooden Bathtub Ideas For A Natural Bathroom Design


A wooden bathtub is not for everyone, it's all about choice, it's a perfect piece for only those who know its worth. An ideal option for the overs of nature. Numerous years of interactive experience has often revealed that those who opt for wooden bathtubs belong to the category of persons who are looking towards attaining a very natural ambiance with a spa-related theme, in their bathroom. As has been …

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8 Stylish Ultra-Modern Murphy Bed Designs


Got a small space? trust us! there’s no need to worry so much about what you’ll do in order to have a very comfortable bed in your very tiny bedroom. Just as we once wrote about small sofa beds, Murphy beds are another very important option for a very small bedroom, this is particularly necessary in instances where you really want to have a comfortable bed, and still have as …

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Must See!! Splendid Sofa Ideas For Small Living Rooms

If you have the perfect elements in order to give your room a completely satisfying and comfortable feel, then forget about the size of a room, it definitely will not matter. Earlier on, we had published a post about using a sectional sofa and a small sofa beds, to maximize interior space, and it surely went very well for many of our readers. We will agree that a sofa always …

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8 Easy Rustic King-Size Homemade Wooden Headboard Ideas


Putting a headboard in your bedroom is one ideal way to crate an interesting and cozy focal point which will definitely put up a dramatic interior statement in the bedroom's interior. In most cases, wood headboards are the preferred choice for most persons due to its ability to introduce a rustic and cozy altitude in the bedroom. Regardless of the shape or feel, a wood patterned headboard can give your …

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The House That Can Take You To Heaven… Rents At N1,521,578/Month


Unbelievably, this stunning futuristic four-storey structure has been magnificently designed into the shape of a ribbon in order to make it fit on just a tiny sliver of land on the banks of Lake Zurich The intimidating glass-fronted landmark structure in Meilen, Switzerland, boasts of an electrifying panoramic views of the breath-taking lake from two roof terraces, and has just recently been put on the rental market for a whooping …

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