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I. D. Tips

Here’s where you’ll be advised on what to do. We’ll be having a series of discussions and dishing out frequent tips on how to effectively beautify your space.

8 Essential Considerations When Building a Family Home


When designing and building your new home, you have the opportunity to make sure that it reflects your character and stature in life. Also, go for the cleverest designs that are flexible enough to be adapted to your changing needs over the coming years. There are different ways for you to create the ideal home for your growing family. Design ideas like open kitchens have become famous in recent years. …

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Seeing The Light: 3 Types of Lighting to Illuminate Your Home


Your home’s lighting system does more than just provide adequate illumination. Particularly good lighting enhances a space, increasing its aesthetic appearance and cosmetic appeal. And in certain areas of your home, such as the outdoors, it increases your home’s safety. As such, it’s important to understand the different types of lighting and how they can impact any space. Understanding how to apply the best light in each space ensures you …

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Pressure Wash Your House With These Top 5 Brilliant Ideas


Pressure washing of a house has become a common phenomenon today. A number of people look forward to pressure washing their houses in order to clean them properly. Pressure washing, also known as power washing involves the use of a water spray having a high level of velocity in order to clean all kinds of dirt and residues from the exteriors of the house. This kind of cleaning is considered …

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Pool Safety: What Every Parent Should Know


More than seven hundred kids drown in pools every year due to a lack of safety and four times that number of kids is injured in pool related accidents. These facts are tough to accept and probably heart wrenching, but true nonetheless. All these can be avoided by adopting some necessary pool safety measures and making sure that your kids have fun at the pool safely. As responsible parents, you …

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How To Turn Your Old Bathroom Into An Inspirational Relaxation Space


Taking a bath or a shower is, first and foremost, due to hygienic reasons, as everybody will tell you. Be that as it may, there is no saying that you cannot enjoy these activities. Whether you decide on long, tranquil soak or short, invigoration scrub, how your bathroom looks like makes a difference to the whole experience. Think about broken tiles, peeling paint and ingrowth of mold and you are …

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5 Ways on How to Light Up Your Home This Holiday Season


It’s already the Holiday Season, and it’s time to think of ideas on how to light up your home. You’re there pondering what outdoor holiday lights should you put up and what lighting theme will you do.   The world is using more electricity on Christmas Season more than what it uses in a whole year. Electric bills skyrocket because of the lighting show that you want to boast to …

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The IndaHash Innovation On ICO

The advert essence of influencers on a general note is a functional paradigm for simplicity and financial support. This support is focused and centered on the adverts and content development management. The social media influencers can now enjoy the benefit of financial bounty rewards from brands and fans. This is how IndasHash performs the lingering challenge between advertisers and social media influencers. This is the essence of IndasHash which makes …

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